About Us

 Tronem Johnson, Why she chose Childcare? As a young person she has always had the passion to teach, set trends, be a leader and encourage her peers to be the best they could be.  She always had this ideal of learning all she could and to pour all she learned into the ones under her.  Mrs. Kawanza Johnson, the current director, has had other occupations and careers, but only time she felt that she is at her full potential is when she works with children and their families.  Those who know Mrs. Johnson would say that working with children is truly her gift and calling!

      Mrs. Johnson desire for the parents of the children to entrust in her  to care for their children the same, as her very own children.  Her goal and the goal of every other caretaker here at North Louisiana Early Learning Academy is to nurture, protect, love, teach, encourage, and push each child to do and be their best, and have fun while they’re doing it!